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Learn about the several programs that we have to offer.

Work Ordered Day (WOD)

Membership and Employment

Membership and Employment program at Painting Pathways Clubhouse

In the Membership and Employment Unit members have the opportunity to work on clerical tasks, receptionist duties, data collection, orientation with new members, outreach, fundraising and community presentations.

Culinary and Wellness

Culinary and Wellness program at Painting Pathways Clubhouse

In the Culinary and Wellness Unit members have the opportunity to work on menu planning, food preparation and serving, maintenance tasks, ordering supplies, gardening and planning wellness activities.

Employment and Education

Employment is a right of membership in the clubhouse philosophy.  Oftentimes individuals who cope with the effects of mental illness have experienced disruptions in their employment history.  At Painting Pathways, members are offered the opportunity to reach their employment goals through the support of the clubhouse. Members who have been involved in the daily programming offered at Painting Pathways may choose to further enhance their skills by taking part in the Transitional, Supported or Independent Employment programs.

Painting Pathways encourages members to fulfill their educational goals, guides them and provides assistance with adult education opportunities in the community.


Painting Pathways recognizes the importance of social interaction and offers opportunities for members to develop friendships and reduce isolation.  Painting Pathways is open every Thursday from 4-6pm for dinner and social activities.  In addition, the clubhouse is open from 10-2pm on the third Saturday of each month and celebrates holidays on the actual day.


Painting Pathways embraces the opportunity to give back to the community and welcomes any possibilities to volunteer.