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Painting Pathways recognizes the importance of social interaction and offers opportunities for members to learn about themselves while developing friendships and reducing isolation.

Our 5 Guiding Principles

  1. We believe that recovery is possible for every individual.
    • Members are encouraged to actively work on their recovery through work, conversation, groups and wellness activities.
    • Goal setting for recovery is important. (ex: SMART Goals or WRAP)
  2. We believe in maintaining a vibrant community and creating a space that is welcoming and healing
    • All are welcome.
    • Keep the space clean and organized.
    • Everyone is encouraged to be kind and compassionate.
    • We do not steal, talk harshly of others, or gossip.
  1. We believe that healing happens in relationships and in connections with others.
    • Sharing our own stories and journeys can be helpful for ourselves and others.
    • Use the support that is available to you at PPC.
    • Respect boundaries; Confidentiality is essential.
  2. We believe in self-respect and respect for others
    • Each of us is accountable for ourselves and to the community.
    • Be self-aware of others’ needs, triggers and space.
    • Avoid physical contact
  3. We believe there is always hope and no limit to what we can do #NO STIGMA
    • We are each unique persons with limitless potential.
    • Our struggles are everyone’s struggles.


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Creative Wellness

Music Lessons
Crocheting / Knitting


Outdoor Garden

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Cooking for the Community
Learning Healthy Eating

Painting Pathways Clubhouse Lounge


One-to-One Conversations
Emotional Wellness
Writing Circle



Spirituality and Recovery
Creative Music

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