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Changing lives and supporting those with mental illness in Manitowoc County

Statistics show that 1 in 4 people will be impacted by mental illness in their lifetime. We are here to help.

We are changing lives and supporting recovery for those with mental illness.


Mental Illness by the Numbers

Did you know mental illness is more prevalent than cancer, diabetes or heart disease? By 2020, behavioral health disorders will be the #1 cause of disability worldwide surpassing all other illnesses.

around the world suffer from mental disorders – more than cancer, diabetes or heart disease.
people worldwide have some type of mental disorder.
of those with mental disorders show signs of the disease by age 14, but it often takes more than 10 years to get treatment.
We spend $2.5 trillion/year today (direct and indirect) on mental illness and are expected to spend $6 trillion by 2030 worldwide. More than heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.
Nearly 2,200 people/day (800,000/year) die by suicide – 90% related to mental disorders.
360,000 people with mental illness are housed in under-equipped US jails. 35,000 are in hospitals.

Inadequate Healthcare

Mental Illness accounts for 20% of the global burden of disease, but ONLY 3% of the world’s healthcare budget goes to mental health needs.
  • 20% global burden of disease
  • Global burden of disease
  • 3% of global healthcare budget
  • Global healthcare budget
Statistics provided by Clubhouse International