Our Mission

Painting Pathways Clubhouse empowers adults with diagnosed mental illness by building community, supporting recovery and changing lives.

Painting Pathways creates ‘family’ for those with mental illness


What is a Clubhouse?

A Clubhouse is a community intentionally organized to support individuals living with mental illness. Through participation in a Clubhouse, people are given the opportunity to join the worlds of friendship, family, important work, employment, and education. They can also access the services that they may individually need.

A Clubhouse is a restorative environment for people who have had their lives drastically disrupted and need the support of others who believe that recovery from mental illness is possible for all.

Committed to Excellence

Our Clubhouse is recognized and accredited by Clubhouse International.

Accredited clubhouses displaying this icon are universally recognized as operating with a high level of compliance with the International Standards for Clubhouse programs.


We comply with the 37 Standards of Clubhouse International

Components of a Clubhouse

Work Day

Members and staff work side by side as colleagues to carry out the tasks that are important to their Clubhouse community.


The Clubhouse offers educational opportunities for members to complete or start certificate degree programs at academic institutions and adult education programs.

Employment Programs

The Clubhouse provides members opportunities to return to paid employment in integrated work settings.


Safe housing is the right of all members. The Clubhouse helps members access quality housing.

Community Support

Clubhouse members are given help accessing the best quality services in their community.


Part of the daily work of the Clubhouse is keeping track of and being in contact with all active members.

Evening, Weekend & Holiday Programs

Members and staff together organize structured and non-structured social activities.

Decision-making & Governance

Members and staff meet in open forums to discuss policy issues and future planning for the clubhouse.

Meet Our Team


Jennifer Schmoldt – Executive Director
Linda Kerscher – Staff Generalist
Stephani Lasco – Staff Generalist
Amber Hutchison – Employment Specialist

Pictured from left to right: Stephani Lasco, Jennifer Schmoldt, Amber Hutchison, Linda Kerscher

Board of Directors

BarbHerrmann – Board President
Callie Schroeder – Board Vice President
Cheryl Reinke – Board Secretary
Martha Rasmus – Board Treasurer
Colleen Wisnicky– Board Member
Nancy Randolph – Board Member
Robert Bubolz – Board Member
Lori Wotruba – Board Member
Andrew Harrigan – Board Member
John Stangel – Board Member
Gary Keesling – Board Member
Dan Hornung – Board Member
Dan Phillips – Board Member
David Clements – Board Member
Susan Lind – Board Member Emeritus